Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to FlirtsLV

Yes ABSOLUTELY! We do NOT share ANY information or the picture you use to apply. We request this info to help us at the door for verification and to remember you if you don't come back for a while. We love are our guests and seeing a picture helps us remember you (sometimes haha)
Our Exclusive Private Events are held in an unmarked commercial building just 2 blocks off the strip, we call it our Retro Speakeasy. The Location will be Disclosed after Member Approval & Ticket Purchase.
We pride ourselves in hand selecting all of our Members. Our Members are Respectful, Friendly, Classy, and Discrete. We welcome newbies into the lifestyle as well as lifelong lifestyle people.
We only have the doors open for the first 2 hours. It is all up to you on when to arrive but since the doors are only open for a short time, it gets busy fast. Once we close the doors we do not allow anyone else in. NO EXCEPTIONS
Yes, all of our first-time guests will receive a tour right after they check in.
The average age of our guests is 39 but at every event, there are younger and older guests. We have a great mix at every event.
We limit our events to a maximum of 150 guests per event. We are not the Biggest Lifestyle Event in Las Vegas but we are definitely the Hottest and Most Risque night Las Vegas has to offer.
We are NOT allowed to have any alcohol here & you can NOT bring your own bottle of alcohol in. It will be taken away & put in the office till you leave. Bags will be checked. You can bring in your own water, soda, or juices if you'd like but we do provide free coke, an assortment of juices, waters, and red bull.
No, we do not provide showers
Dress to Impress. Clubwear or sexier always works. Our events are held in a private ultra lounge with a dance floor, so dress like you're on a date looking to score - I mean this is a Lifestyle Event in Las Vegas. So dress classy like our events. ;) Men no open-toed Shoes, and Hats MUST be APPROVED before arrival - they should look classy and go with your outfit.
Our Private Events have everything from group rooms with a stage, to completely private rooms with locks on the doors.
Absolutely NOT, We are a 100% NO PRESSURE environment. We have many people that come here for the great people we choose and the environment we provide.
We provide Lockers and Locks FREE of charge.
This is a smaller, more intimate event catered to women who appreciate the option to experience Single Males in a one on one or a multiple male encounter.
This event will have couples and Select Single Males. All the Females will be required to wear a neon bracelet which we provide to show if there is interest in Single Males that night or not. Singles Males will also have a bracelet on to show they are single and not part of a couple. As for the Elusive Unicorn or Single Female - They do magically appear at times too ;)
This event caters to Couples and Single Females Only. No Single Males will be allowed to attend

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your first event better or if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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